{Lifestyle Session} Bennett's Bedtime by Kristen McKay

As parents, don't we all agree that we have a love/hate relationship with our kid's bedtime routine???  

We love the IDEA of it... bubble baths, warm towels, reading stories, cuddling.  But then there is the REALITY...  fighting to get the kids into the bath, drenched floors, chasing them down to put on their PJs, getting them to ACTUALLY fall asleep.  

When Lisa approached me to document her bedtime routine, I thought is was such a wonderful idea...  What a great way to remember the beauty in bedtime rather than the rush.  

Lauren & Griffen ENGAGED by Kristen McKay

Back in January I had the opportunity to photograph Lauren and Griffen in a wintery blizzard Downtown Milford.  These two were such troopers and walked with me all over town to capture their beautiful engagement images.  Though the snow here is laughable compared to to the snow Lauren is used to... she grew up in the Upper Peninsula :)